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Why Refer to Us?

We Know Aftercare

Aftercare is our focus and has been for over 40 years. Our experience has made us keenly aware of the unique needs and issues of someone in early recovery. We understand that your client or patient will have challenging moments as he/she transitions from active addiction to a life of abstinence. Our staff will be there to support and guide the individual in those moments.

Recovery Does Not End When Treatment Ends

The completion of treatment is just the beginning of lifelong journey of recovery. Crossroads provides a safe, therapeutic and home-like setting, where people feel that they are living in the real world. We are confident that those who come to us, and become involved in our program and community will experience positive rewards.

Longer Stay = Better Outcome

Data shows a direct correlation between long term participation in an aftercare program and successful recovery. Our participants (residents) live at Crossroads anywhere from a month to two years, with the average stay being 6 to 9 months.

Schaefer et al. (2011) examined the association between continuing care engagement and abstinence among 865 patients who recently received either residential or intensive outpatient treatment for substance dependence. The authors found that the probability of patients remaining abstinent increased by 20% for each consecutive month they were engaged in continuing care services during a 6-month post-discharge period.


Under the leadership of a strong Board of Directors, Crossroads is able to keep the program fees affordable at $800 per month for double rooms and $1,200 per month for single rooms, in addition to a $200 admission fee. Program fees include residency and individual and group therapy sessions provided by state licensed counselors. Convenient online payments are available here.

We are located in Minneapolis/Minnesober

Because of the amount of professional and community support programs offered to recovering people in Minnesota, our state is affectionately referred to as Minnesober. In addition to the groups provided as part of our program our residents attend several meetings in close proximity to our building. They connect with others outside of Crossroads and develop a strong network of support throughout our city.