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Crossroads Goal: Preventing relapse and creating community


On-site Counseling:  Designed to create a supportive and comfortable environment in which someone recovering from addiction is able to speak openly about his or her feelings, struggles, and strengths during the recovery process


Each resident is assigned a therapist upon admission so that they will receive Individual Therapy throughout their stay.


Below are the Therapy Groups that our program offers:


Community/Peer Group

For over 40 years, this group has been a place where all residents come together to listen to Crossroad’s alumni speakers, discuss the use of the 12 Steps in recovery, and talk about changes within Crossroads itself. It is peer-led, and has been a very successful group over the years, making a positive impact on the Crossroad’s community.

  • Once a month, there is a requirement to attend the Peer Group meeting where our Executive Director, John Rundquist gives a relevant presentation to all of our residents

Women’s Group

This gender-specific group allows the women in our program to come together with Jessica Koep to process issues related to being a woman in recovery.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Recovery Coach Nadine Gall brings her expertise in teaching self-care to our residents through practice of mindfulness and meditation. In this group, they will practice guided meditation, breathing techniques, and many other positive ways to cope with stress.

Recovery Maintenance

During weekly meetings in this group, Evan Lieberman leads discussion on topics related to staying sober and gambling free while guarding against relapse.

Primary Group

This group is designed to be a place where people process what is going on for them in their everyday lives as well as within their recovery while giving and receiving the support of their peers. Each resident attends one primary group per week, run by their therapist at Crossroads. Residents remain in a Primary Group throughout their stay.