Residential Life

CrossRoads Aftercare 
We are Located in a beautiful residential area at 2823 South Wayzata Boulevard. Crossroads is housed in a comfortable 3-story building , close to everything Minneapolis has to offer.
Close to employment and education opportunities

Within 10 minutes of downtown Minneapolis and 30 minutes to the University of Minnesota campus by bus, plus 20 minutes to the Mall of America by car, there are many opportunities near by.

Close to parks and lakes

Within walking distance of 5 lakes, several parks, a wildlife sanctuary, bicycle & walking paths and many other inviting parts of the parkway system you’ll find an urban diversity of greenspace and city.

Lake of the Isles (2.86 miles of shoreline) offers a lovely walking/biking path and is lined with beautiful older homes. Lake Calhoun is the largest in the Minneapolis chain of lakes with walking/biking paths (3.1 miles). Lake Harriet has a very popular walking/biking path (2.75 miles), and Cedar Lake has been voted the best place to run.

Room accommodations

Single & double rooms are furnished with

  • Private bath and shower
  • Beds, dresser, and upholstered chairs
  • Nightstands & lamps
  • Storage cabinet
  • Refrigerator
  • Air-conditioner

*Residents must supply their own bedding, cooking and cleaning supplies, and all other personal belongings.

Building amenities
  • Free WiFi Internet access throughout the building
  • Lobby with glassed-in atrium
  • Large living room
  • Kitchen
  • Two lounges with cable TV
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Staff offices
  • 34 resident rooms
  • Free Parking: off street and underground
Activities around the area
  • Summer Fun – swimming, wind surfing, rollerblading, biking, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, boating, water skiing, BBQs, and jogging.
  • Winter Fun – downhill skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and staying warm!
  • Anytime Fun – Mall of America, museums, Major League Sports (Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, Lynx, The Wild), chess, billiards, bowling, movies, theatre, and concerts.
Crossroads Crew

Our community at Crossroads is very special as individuals come from across the United States with different backgrounds and experiences. Many of our alumni will say that they met some of their best and lifelong friends at Crossroads. Crossroads Crew was started by staff and clients as a way to bring individuals together to bond, form authentic connections with one another learn how to have fun in recovery. So far, the Crossroads Crew has gone on bowling outings, played Ultimate Frisbee at near parks, sledding, hosted BBQ’s, potlucks, carved pumpkins and taken trips to haunted houses. They also joined the Recovery Community Softball League and are look forward to getting back on field every Spring. We love cheering on our team, The Roadies!


Here are the different forms of transportation for our residents:

  • You may have your own personal vehicle or bicycle.
  • There is free surface and small-fee underground parking.
  • There is access to public transportation through Metro Transit.
  • The #9 bus is within 2 blocks of Crossroads.

Bus passes can be purchased online at Metro Transit or in person at Cub Foods.

River Ramble

Crossroads Alumni Association is a strong, connected and vibrant group of individuals that range from alumni of 35 years to brand new alumni. They began the River Ramble, a weekend long sober camping event for both alumni and current residents, over 30 years ago and it is still something that our community looks forward to every summer! Full of food, games and fellowship it is a tradition that is unique to Crossroads.



Crossroads offers individual, group and family counseling dealing with a wide range of issues as they pertain to addiction and how the disease of addition has impacted an individual’s life.  These issues often include building a positive self-image, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries, rebuilding interpersonal relationships, learning effective communication skills, reinforcing awareness of relapse triggers, and identifying vocational and educational goals.

Meetings include: Monthly community meetings.

Staff includes: Executive Director, Minnesota state licensed alcohol and drug counselors, mental health therapists, financial and recovery coach, and gambling counselors. The staff is supported by four resident managers.

2823 South Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located West of Downtown in Minneapolis, MN, near the West End and the Chain of Lakes.

  • Contact the Executive Director by phone at 612.374.0506 or 866.719.0504, or by e-mail at to arrange for an admissions interview. See Admissions for more information.
  • Have your treatment center contact Crossroads to make a referral.

The monthly program fee is $800 (double room) and $1,000 (single room), which includes all of the individual, group and family addiction counseling, mental health and trauma therapy, and financial coaching, along with the sober and gambling free housing. There is also a $200 administrative fee due upon admission.

Yes.  All residents are expected to develop structured, meaningful activity in their schedule within a reasonable time period.  This structured activity is usually in the form of a part-time or full-time job, enrollment and attendance in school, or participating in some type of volunteer service on a regular basis.

Residents choose the length of their stay from one month up to 24 months.

The average length of stay is seven months.

No.  All residents are responsible for their own meals, including meal preparation.  Our facility includes a large kitchen with two ovens and stovetops, a microwave and a long countertop with an adjacent dining area, but food and cooking utensils are not provided.  There are also microwaves in a common area on each residential floor.

Yes, visitors are welcome anytime, but they must abide by resident curfew regulations and cannot stay overnight.

Upon admission, you can decide if you want to live in a room with a roommate or live in a single room. The cost for a double room is $800 and a single room is $1,000 per month.  See residential accommodations for more information.

Yes, residents can have a vehicle. There is free surface and underground parking. There is access to public transportation through Metro Transit. The #9 Bus is within 2 blocks of Crossroads.

Crossroads has an independent program structure, therefore there are fewer rules and regulations. Residents come and go freely without having to sign in or out. There is a temporary curfew of 12-midnight weekdays and 1:30 a.m. on weekends. There are no overnight or weekend passes extended for the first 30 days.

Yes, we do random alcohol and drug testing regularly, as well as if there is ANY suspicion of use.

If drug screen comes back positive, individual will be discharged effective immediately.

Yes, free high-speed WiFi Internet access is available throughout the building.

Yes, free washers and dryers are provided.