For Loved Ones

Why Choose Crossroads for Your Loved One
They will heal here.
  • Addiction is devastating to the addicted person and to all who love them. We at Crossroads understand this and can work with both of you to heal the wounds of addiction and create the long lasting change necessary to have a life without an active addiction.
  • We work with each resident in a personalized way. Each session is designed to work through the pain, shame, and guilt from their addiction while also helping them create a life worth living in recovery.
  • Alumni of our program talk about how Crossroads became a home for them, where they healed while becoming the people their family and friends knew they could be without their addiction.
They will have tremendous support.
  • We provide a living space where your loved one can feel a part of a supportive community of 40 other adults who understand what they have been through.
  • The clinical staff and this community will work with your loved one to help them create a recovery network that supports their addiction free life while also helping them make friendships that can last a lifetime.
They will receive great care.
  • They will receive individual, group and family addiction counseling, mental health and trauma therapy, and financial coaching.
  • They will continue to address not only their addiction issues but the co-occuring problems that may be a part of why they have continued with their active addiction despite numerous consequences.
How To Learn More
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