For Addiction Professionals

Why Choose Crossroads for Your Client
  • We provide a space where your client can feel a part of a supportive community focused on living a life free of addiction.
  • Your client will receive individual, group and family addiction counseling, mental health and trauma therapy, and financial coaching. This is more than any other sober housing program offers.
  • We understand the issues that arise for people in early addiction recovery and know what is required to address these while helping your client create the recovery network necessary to maintain their addiction free life.
How We Support Your Work
  • Our goal is to help the individuals you refer to the Crossroads Aftercare Program continue the progress they made while in treatment with you. We understand that treatment is just the beginning and we want to keep the momentum going that you helped get started. To make this possible, we look at the aftercare recommendations you make to determine how we can most support your client in having a successful recovery.
How We Keep You Updated
  • Once your client is admitted to our program, we will ask your client to sign a release of information that will allow our clinical team to send you monthly progress updates. This way you can know how they are doing and see how their recovery is moving forward in a positive way.
How to Make A Referral

We are excited to work with you and your client! We believe Crossroads is a great place for your clients as they complete treatment and are looking forward to the next stage in their recovery. Referring someone to the Crossroads Aftercare Program is very simple. Our process is laid out below:

  1. Determine if your client meets our criteria.
  2. Once you know that your client meets our admission criteria, contact our Executive Director John Rundquist at 612-374-0506 or via email at to discuss your client and schedule an in person or over the phone admission interview.
  3. Have your client complete the admission interview.
  4. Discuss with John how the interview went and go over any concerns that were raised during that process.
  5. If the admission interview goes well, set a date for admission.
  6. Please have your client read our Rights and Responsibilities document and then print out our Intake Form for them to read through and complete. This way they can understand our expectations and complete the paperwork we require. You can send the completed application via fax to 651-323-2051 or have them bring it with when they come. 

Partner with us

Below you will find a list of treatment programs who refer their clients to Crossroads. We have built a trusting relationship with the clinicians from these programs. These clinicians know that the Crossroads Aftercare team and the resident community will provide the support, understanding, and guidance their clients need as they transition from addiction treatment into their life of recovery. We would love to have you join this group of quality programs that refer to Crossroads. 

To refer to our program please click here

 To ask specific questions related to your client’s specific situation please click here.