It Takes A Village

Have you ever heard the saying, “it takes a village”? Here at Crossroads, we strive to make this common saying a reality for anyone and everyone that we serve.


Crossroads works to help build as many connections as possible for all people, and to provide every possible resource that we can through these connections. By doing this, we are hoping to truly create a “village” for those in recovery, filled with support and care in all aspects of life. So why is this community mentality so important?


When we connect with others, we are able to help more people. Through the groups, organizations, and places that we are affiliated with, we are able to help more and more people than ever before. As we are helping more, we are also able to help those that we serve get involved with more and more groups and organizations centered around sobriety and gambling-free life. This creates recovery fellowships offering support and encouragement to those that are seeking just that. When those in recovery have more community support, it creates more places for people to turn to throughout all stages and necessities in life.


So how big is this “village” really? Crossroads is hopeful and excited to be able to connect with organizations such as List of who all we are affiliated with: Alina Lodge, Sunrise House, Hazelden Betty Ford, NuWay House, MN Adult & Teen Challenge, Huss Recovery Center, Beauterre, Nova Counseling Center, Caron Foundation, Project Turnabout, Burkwood, Fairview Recovery Services, Northstar Regional Treatment Center, Marworth, The Retreat, Keystone Treatment Center, and Meridian Behavioral health.


The combination of inpatient and outpatient services has really provided incredible feedback and results from those in the recovery process, especially for those in aftercare programs, such as our own. Why do we think this is? Because through our community working together, we have created a coalition for recovery, all working towards the same positive outcome for sobriety and for recovery.


No one does recovery by themselves. This connection of treatment programs is allowing not just a local, but also a national support community to be formed. The support of people in the beginning stages of recovery from addiction is a key factor in successful and life-long sobriety. So if all else fails, just know you have a community waiting with open arms to support you in your recovery journey. After all, it takes a village!