Crossroads Executive Director John Rundquist and therapists Evan Lieberman and Jessica Koep attended the Phase 2 training of Brainspotting on March 16-18. Jessica has been trained and practicing Brainspotting with clients since June, and has been happy with the results that have been observed. With the completion of this training, John and Evan will be able to join Jessica in using this highly effective technique to work in a deeper way with our residents.


So what is brainspotting? Essentially, brainspotting is the fact that where a person looks can have a direct relationship with what they feel. It is a point in a person’s visual sight that a person may have a strong reaction to. But why is this important for Crossroads to be trained on? Brainspotting can help our residents who have a desire to work on significant issues, such as trauma, in a much more rapid way.


This is so exciting for Crossroads, as we are now providing residents with the latest therapy techniques, which sets us apart from many other programs similar to us. As staff, we understand that all individuals walking through our doors have experienced some pain in their life, and we want to support and embrace these individuals the best way we can.


If you would like to learn more information on this topic, you can visit We are so excited to see the differences we can make in the lives of those that we serve through this new form of therapy that we are certified to provide.