Financial Management for Recovering Gamblers

Financial management is difficult for people in early recovery from gambling addiction. For many, money is seen as an access point to further gambling and relapses occur frequently unless the gambler has someone assisting them with their finances. Due to the problems money creates in early recovery and the high rate of relapse amongst people with a gambling addiction, Crossroads has developed a money management program for our residents.


Each gambler coming into our program meets with our recovery coach on a weekly basis. These meetings are designed to  monitor what the gambler is doing with their money while also assisting them in developing a healthy relationship with money. Nadine Gall, our financial coach, develops individualized plans with each gambler and works cooperatively with them to help them achieve financial stability. Nadine utilizes a great online program called Change Machine to further support these residents.


Please reach out to the staff at Crossroads if you would like further information about this new way we are supporting our residents.