About Us

Crossroads is a residential aftercare program for adults who have completed treatment for alcohol, drug, or gambling addiction. We provide sober and gambling free housing along with individual, group, and family addiction counseling, mental health and trauma therapy, and financial coaching. 

Our Promise to you

We will provide you with a sober and gambling free living environment where you will find support and encouragement from others which may result in friendships that last a lifetime. We will help you learn and sustain life-long coping skills to avoid relapse. You will have the opportunity to practice what you learn within a safe and trusting environment. Together, we will prepare you to live a life free of addiction.

Why Us?

One of the most critical questions is: “Where do I go now?” Crossroads can be the answer. Crossroads is a residential aftercare program for adults who have completed treatment for alcohol, drug and/or gambling addiction and desire a supportive, therapeutic place to live while adjusting to life without addiction.

Our Mission

We are devoted to supporting individuals transitioning to a life free of addiction.

Our Services

Crossroads Aftercare provides a safe and stable environment for adults in early recovery. Although clients are given plenty of independence, they also follow a structured program that includes the following:

Addiction counseling

    Mental health and trauma therapy

        Financial coaching

              Sober and gambling free housing

              Individual, group, and family therapy

              How can we help you on your road to recovery?

              Our Team

              John Rundquist

              Executive Director

              Evan Lieberman

              Program Therapist

              Jessica Koep

              Program Therapist

              Nadine Gall

              Financial and Recovery Coach

              “I couldn’t believe how I fit into the community of Crossroads. I had always felt like an outsider and a loser. All I knew how to do was to hang out with the guys and smoke pot. Because of Crossroads I found a new way to live that had purpose. My self- esteem grew, I enrolled in college and now have a degree in business administration.” – D.H.

              “First of all, that treatment is just the start of the road to recovery. It gets you sober, but what keeps you sober are the aftercare programs, like Crossroads. For a lot of people it is the first real place they can call home.” “I owe my life to the time I spent in Crossroads. I know it made the difference for me.” – Anon

              “As far as my experience there, I can only say there is a strong possibility that I would be dead now if not for the help I received there. Crossroads residents are treated as the adults they are.” – B.G.

              “I was so uncertain about coming to Crossroads, but my wife said I would not be allowed to come home. I am married with 3 children and a beautiful home. I worried about how I it would feel to not be with my family. To my utter amazement, I grew to love the people that I lived with at Crossroads. They were there when I was at my lowest moment. I spent several weekends with my wife and kids, and after 6 months of counseling and support I returned home to my family. Crossroads was a life-saving experience.” – B.L.

              “I arrived with no expectations, no self esteem, no money, no hope. And I’m leaving here with all of those…”

              “I have a newfound appreciation for all things, as well as my hopes for a sober future.” – P.H.

              “Crossroads, for me, was and is a miracle. Please believe me when I say I would not be alive today without that aftercare program.”

              “Crossroads is the family that took a frightened, lonely, confused, and miserably unhappy small girl who didn’t want to live; who had forgotten her dreams; and believed she was alone in the world. They showed her how to dream and believe that she can make dreams come true; they probed her with their love and guidance so she might be able to love and guide herself with pride and respect.” – D.P.

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