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Our Program

Primary treatment for addiction is emotionally draining and often leaves the individual feeling frightened and unsure of where to go upon discharge. For many, returning to the same environment would be far too threatening for their recovery, so they look for a safe, supportive place to live – a place where they can learn to cope with life and its complexities while remaining abstinent of their addiction.

Crossroads offers a low-structured program of individual, family, and group counseling in a home-like atmosphere.

Our focus is to build self-esteem and restore those areas of life that have been adversely affected by the disease. The desired outcome is a lifestyle free from addiction and anchored in the serenity of believing in one’s self.

Our goal is to help residents attain the necessary coping skills to live a productive life, and to:

  • Assist residents in seeking employment or continued education.
  • Guide development of financial responsibility.
  • Teach effective communication skills.
  • Encourage self-reliance and the belief in one’s own abilities.

Our mission is to restore a sense of normalcy, self-reliance and hope to adult men and women recovering from chemical dependency and/or compulsive gambling by providing affordable housing, support, and therapeutic services in a home-like setting.